The First Open, Multi-format, Multi-device Native Marketing Platform Connecting Advertisers and Publishers to Deliver Optimized and Insightful Native Advertising at Scale.

Our platform is the catalyst that enables Agencies, Trading Desks, Brands, Direct Publishers and SSPs to perform better by programmatically aligning each other’s needs.

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I’m interested in a high-quality, highly engaging digital advertising format that enables advertisers to promote content within the context, style and function of their online experience.

Engagement Score Optimization to Satisfy Advertisers and Publishers Simultaneously

Bidtellect’s proprietary algorithm used to measure and analyze user engagement and post-click activity

Allows identification of inventory sources driving the engagement KPI’s and optimization toward those sources

Increases campaign performance by minimizing waste and maximizing yield per dollar spent

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Welcome to the industry’s first open, multi-format, multi-device, Native Marketing platform. Whether you’re thinking of launching a Native Marketing initiative, or you’d like your site’s inventory to be accepted into the exchange, complete the form below or call us at 561.303.1202, and a team member will complete your request.