Bidtellect was created with one game-changing mission – to facilitate efficiency in Native Ad buying, selling and delivery across the web. Founded by industry veterans, John Ferber and Chad Folkening, our team of superior developers has built a revolutionary Real-time Bidding (RTB) platform that allows brands to activate Native Advertising campaigns at scale!

Whether you’re a Native Ad publisher looking for RTB platform integration, or an advertiser interested in deploying a multi-channel Native Advertising campaign, the Bidtellect team is here for you. Any questions? Contact a team member below.

John Ferber

Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder

Mr. Ferber co-founded the Company in early 2011 and has been its Chairman since inception. Mr. Ferber is a true visionary and pioneer of the digital world, having created one of the first-ever online interactive games, HoverRace, and co-founding and serving as Chief Product Officer of from 1998 until its acquisition by AOL for $500 million in 2004. At the time, was the world’s largest online advertising network. is widely recognized as being the pioneer of performance-based advertising online. Under his direction as Chief Product Officer,’s products and technologies won numerous awards such as ClickZ’s “Best Optimization Technology” (2002) and “Best Advertising Network” (2004).

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Lon Otremba

Chief Executive Officer and Director

Lon Otremba joined Bidtellect as its Chief Executive Officer and Director in January, 2014. Mr. Otremba leads all aspects of the Company’s efforts, working closely with the management team and the Company’s board of directors. With over 20 years’ experience in media, Mr. Otremba is a veteran operating executive and adviser in the Internet publishing, mobile, and broadcast music industries and a well-known pioneer in interactive media.

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Jason Boshoff

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Boshoff has served as Bidtellect’s Chief Operating Officer since January 2014 and previously served as Chief Executive Officer from 2011 to 2013. He has over a decade of experience with high profile technology companies, including USO Networks, TAS Technology, and Compaq Computer. Mr. Boshoff directly oversees finance, product, advertising operations, and sales and marketing functions, and helps develop Company strategy. Mr. Boshoff originally joined John Ferber as Chief Operating Officer of Ferber’s incubator in 2007 and became its CEO in 2011. During his career, Mr. Boshoff has had the opportunity to service such notable companies as AOL, Carnival Cruise Lines, Baskin Robbins, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Pep Boys, Quinstreet, Brokers Web and Demand Media, among others.

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Scott Wolf

Chief Revenue Officer

Scott Wolf is a proven pivotal player who has enabled multiple media companies to achieve market leadership and growth. During his tenure at CMP Media, Scott established himself with a company wide, record-setting $10 million in career sales.  As VP/Group Publisher, Wolf launched and managed CMP’s paid circulation division (managing magazines such as Window, Home Pc and NetGuide) growing them into a $100 million division with 1.8 million paid readers in under five years.

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Jeremy Kayne

Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer since January 2014, Mr. Kayne leads the Company’s technology development and platform architecture efforts. From 2011 until January 2014 he served as Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Kayne is a seasoned technologist and serial entrepreneur, having spent 2000 to 2009 helping to build ShopLocal, now a division of Pointroll/Gannett, and in 2010 helped launch Open Sports as interim CTO. While at ShopLocal he helped develop SmartCatalog/SmartCircular and SmartMedia, which remain internet marketing tools for many large retailers, including Target, Best Buy, and others.

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Kim Bambach

Chief Finance Officer

In her role as CFO here, Kim is responsible for Financial Operations, Financial Planning, Accounting, Human Resources, and Legal, among others.  As an integral part of our leadership team, she oversees all the financial and business foundation to support Bidtellect’s next phase of rapid growth.

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Team Bidtellect

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