Q: Do you offer programmatic native capabilities?

A: Yes. We have already connected to the largest native and traditional SSPs and Exchanges. We can offer OpenRTB, Server to Server or custom API integrations, depending on how you would like to connect. We can also provide you with a simple ad tag that you can serve into your created ad slot through your select native or standard ad server (i.e. DFP).

Q: Do I have control over what ads appear on my site?

A: Of course! We can adhere to all black or white lists as well as work with your team for individualized advertiser approval.

Q: How much native coverage / demand do you have?

A: Bidtellect offers three layers of native demand. The first consists of our direct advertisers which accounts for the majority of our consumption. These are primarily large brand driven campaigns consisting of brand oriented KPIs. The second consist of seven thousand performance based advertisers. The third layer consists of over fifty feed based DSPs housing tens of thousands of advertisers. You can select which layers you would like to expose your supply to.